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We believe that it is important to engage in this anal- ysis because the struggle over “reproduction” is central to every other struggle and to the development of “self- reproducing movements,” that is movements that do not separate political work from the activities necessary to the reproduction of our life, for no struggle is sustainable that ignores the needs, experiences, and practices that re- producing ourselves entails. Moreover, the intensification and institutionalization of the global economic crisis poses with new urgency the necessity to construct an alternative to life under capitalism, beginning with the construction of more autonomous forms of social reproduction, for ev- ery day it becomes evident that neither the state nor the market can guarantee our survival. Thus, as people who are implicated in reproductive work (which we all are) we are eager to share ideas, questions and research with all those who are involved in social movements seeking to transform not only reproductive labour but also work in general and the home.
–From the Introduction to the Latest issue of THE COMMONER N. 15 – WINTER 2012 – CARE WORK AND THE COMMONS ( by
Camille Barbagallo and Silvia Federici